Parnngurr Community School reports to parents at the end of each semester, describing the actual learning that students have engaged in and indicating the learning success. Because we have a modified curriculum, teachers identify, and report against the Achievement Standard appropriate for each student. For example, a 12 year old student may be working at a Year 2 level and be judged to be ‘satisfactory’ at that level. This format is in line with the WA Curriculum policy, “Reporting on student achievement”.

To reflect our Two-way Science pedagogy, Learning on Country is also reported on as a separate category. This is appropriate because it comprises a significant component of student learning experiences and activities, and by reporting on it, we are emphasising to parents and the community that we are supporting their expressed goals.

In addition to formal reporting, teachers are encouraged to, and do, use the numerous informal opportunities presented in a small community, to talk to parents about their child’s learning.

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