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Parnngurr Community School Aboriginal Corporation

Parnngurr is a remote West Australian Indigenous Community located 370kms East of Newman, on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert. This is a spacious landscape of red sand, spinifex plains, honey grevillia and desert oaks under an azure sky.

It is the home of 140 Martu people whose ancestors have been here since the beginning of the Dreaming. The community is built in the shadow of twin hills with particular significance to Martu, at the southern end of the Karlamilyi (Rudall River) National Park.



Jimmy (Gun) Williams – Martu Elder of the Parnngurr Community. His vision resulted in the formation of the Parnngurr Community School in 1989 – a place of two way learning


We are the Directors and owners of Parnngurr Community School Aboriginal Corporation. Just as we hold our country we also hold our school and all the kids in it. We know what we want our school to do.

We believe in the power of our Martu people's self reliance, ownership of school and independent action to shape our own social and educational destinies.

We are working with our partners, especially Martu People Ltd (Martu Trust), to bring our kids up to be ‘level’ with whitefella kids, so they can have more opportunities than us.

Structure & Governance

Structure & Governance

The Parnngurr Community School Aboriginal Corporation (School Council) is the legal entity that is funded by government to run the school. The Corporation is incorporated under CATSI and operates with the CATSI legislation. The regulator is ORIC and the Corporation is strictly accountable under the ACT. 

Principal's Welcome

Principal's Welcome

The Parnngurr Community consists of a group of around 150 Western Desert people who have returned to their traditional land. The community is firm in its commitment to maintaining traditional values in an alcohol free environment for their children.