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Our school’s mathematics curriculum is based on the use of the AICS Numeracy Strategy which incorporates the online Numeracy Portal and the support of the Numeracy Consultant. All teachers assess, plan and teach using the AICS Portal for number, calculate and fractions
In order to ensure students also have financial and work-ready mathematics, the following WA Mathematics Curriculum strands are also taught P-7, as appropriate;
  • Money and financial mathematics
  • Using units of measurement
  • Shape
  • Location and transformation
  • Geometric reasoning
  • Data representation
  • Chance

The ORIGO Go Maths resources, aligned with ACARA and the WA Curriculum, provide a developmentally appropriate sequence for teaching these maths skills and are the basis for the Numeracy block.

The identified strands are required in the Science Pathways resources and are critical for employment pathways and are also required for achieving Competencies in the Junior Ranger Program outlined below.