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HASS, Arts, Technologies, Health

Content descriptors for HASS are closely aligned with the Science Pathways activities and tasks. For example, the resources suggest many activities where students are being taught the recent history of the local area and the cultural responses to the environment. Science Pathways is matching a set of selected HASS content descriptors to sit parallel with those of Science.

Many Arts and Technologies activities are described in the Science Pathways resources, such as building class murals and using motion-sensor cameras. Health is also a focus of the Science Pathways resources with units across all age levels for water health, bush medicine and first aid for example.

Using the project-based learning as an integrated curriculum pedagogy, teachers can either forward plan using the content descriptors they want to focus on, or engage in the Two-way Science topics and units as provided and backwards plan and assess their student learning from this unifying theme.

Each of these learning areas are tracked using the WA Curriculum and assessed according to the Achievement Standards for each student. These results are reported to parents twice per year.