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School Philosophy

Parnngurr elders are adamant that the school is not a separate organisation but intricately connected to the community and its culture.

The learning program is designed to meet the expressed needs of;

  1. English language and literacy, and numeracy
  2. Support cultural learning
  3. The state expectations of embedding the WA prescribed curriculum, modified for the students’ context and approved by the PCS Board

The curriculum statement as set out below binds these three key ideas together in a pedagogy that gives children sound skills, broad learning, and an expectation that their parents and other family will be active and empowered contributors to the learning program.

Intergenerational cultural transfer and strong cultural identity is vital for the on-going wellbeing of students. Our school is committed to this learning as a significant component of its pedagogy.

This statement is also cognisant of the need for the curriculum to be uncomplicated, sequential and consistent. This is to ensure, as much as possible;

  • New teachers can quickly implement effective teaching from current school plans and resources
  • Students experience consistent teaching and learning from familiar resources and pedagogy

Current research shows clearly that a ‘whole school agreement’ is much more conducive to student learning improvement than each teacher working independently. PCS curriculum and pedagogy is designed around this premise. Collaboratively agreed parameters are balanced with teachers’ own construction of the learning activities.