• Parnngurr Community School
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School Context

Parnngurr is a small and very remote Aboriginal community in the East Pilbara. Its services include school, store, clinic and Ranger Station. Economically it is highly disadvantaged. Apart from service providers, the population is an integral and active part of the Martu nation, speaking dialects of Martu, engaging in Martu religious and cultural practices, including male initiation. This requires families to be mobile to meet their cultural obligations.

English is a second or third language.

Our students therefore;

  • Are fluent speaker of one or more Martu dialects
  • Have a strong set of Martu values
  • Are EALD learners
  • Have disrupted attendance

Within this context, the Martu community makes very clear its vision for school, this being for students to learn enabling English language literacy and numeracy skills for the necessary interactions with mainstream Australia. It is made equally clear that intergenerational transfer of cultural knowledge is an essential element of children and young peoples’ learning. These expressed goals are what directs the school teaching and learning program.

Another important element of the context that impacts on student learning is the transience of the teaching staff, including the leadership.

It is therefore appropriate that we have a modified curriculum as per the WA curriculum policy.