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School Governance

The Parnngurr Community School Aboriginal Corporation (School Council) is the legal entity that is funded by government to run the school. The Corporation is incorporated under CATSI and operates with the CATSI legislation. The regulator is ORIC and the Corporation is strictly accountable under the ACT. The Corporations accounts and rule are publicly disclosed by being posted on the ORIC site in accordance with CATSI requirements.

ORIC monitor and periodically conduct audits of Indigenous Corporations. As an incorporated body the Corporation has regular meetings, including an AGM. The Corporation was established solely to provide a Martu directed and maintained learning environment. Please note the following;

  • The Corp is a party to the Aboriginal Education Agreement with the Commonwealth that provides funding for the school.
  • The Corp is accountable for all funding and to meet the terms of its agreement.
  • The Corp develops and delivers culturally and linguistically relevant education for the children of Parnngurr Community.
  • The Corp aims to equip Martu students with a range of skills appropriate to their survival and well-being within Australian society.
  • The Corp is central to all educational development at the school. The process of review/analysis and action (continuous improvement) documented in this manual is overseen and driven by the Corp directors as representatives of the Corporation membership.